Gemels and sunstainability

With GEMELS, sustainability is a priority, the company always take care of ESG themes (Environmental Social Governance).

Gemels considers its sustainable development a contribution to the development of society, which is why a dedicated department called GCMS (Gemels Category Management Sostenible) has been introduced into the Company. Gemels approves the basics of European Green Deal. An agreement that, among its points, does not only deal with the problems of climate change but themes also related to worker and support of the community, guaranteeing social protection and respect for human rights. Among the various aspects related to social issues, in Gemels an important emphasis is given to the topic of welfare together with: employee engagement, gender diversity, responsible and sustainable supply chain.


IN THE LAST YEARS (2020/2021)


Since always Gemels is supporting local associations in the area that range in different fields, from sports to voluntary associations for the prevention of cancer rather than support for the poorest countries. The company is also supporting Croce Rossa Italiana through its offices in the surrounding areas.

People First

Putting the person at first point is the approach that has always been adopted by Gemels, people are who make the company.

Gemels has always worked hard to spreading a COMPANY CULTURE both internally and externally, that gives value and defends the person, protects their mental and physical health and promotes their development. GEMELS philosophy follows the principles of TPS, based on lean production, 5S, research of excellence in quality and in a process of continuous improvement (kaizen).

sostenibility company

When you work, remind: your family is waiting for you at home!

In Gemels one of the main focuses is the promotion and spread of the Safety Culture in the workplace

To spread safety awareness to all our partners and colleagues, we have introduced some special labels with the "GEMELS SAFETY" brand on our equipment and machinery. These labels are printed internally by our quality and safety department.

ISO 45001 and
ISO 14001

Regarding Gemels supply chain, the company is committed to increasing awareness of themes such as transparency and honesty of relationships.

Since 2014, a dedicated office has been introduced in Gemels with the aim of making continuous improvements to the quality of its products, through a closed collaboration between the supplier and the company, it is called GSSC (Gemels Supply Support Center).

We are sensitive to the environmental theme and the impact that production activities have on habitat and territory, in terms of natural gas emissions, energy savings, green innovation, soil protection and biodiversity.

Gemels is committed to inspire the environmental awareness of its workers/colleagues by reducing the quantities of waste produced, by optimizing recycling and promoting the reduction of energy consumption through the efficiency of company production cycles. Gemels dedicates few hours each year to environmental sustainability and social sustainability through the support given to different local and national charities