High pressure ball valves

Since 1969 Gemels has been designing and manufacturing ball valves and quick couplings suitable for every needs. All the hydraulic quick couplings and ball valves are studied to fit perfectly your equipment.

Reasons to choose Gemels valves

For 50 years we have been producing high pressure ball valves mainly addressed to the hydraulic-industrial sector and, with a monthly production of more than 100.000 pieces between valves and couplings, Gemels is one of the biggest ball valves manufacturers in the world. Our valves are recognized all over the world as synonym of reliability and high quality.

The great experience gained in all these years of work, indeed, has allowed us to develop skills that only few in this market can guarantee, and to obtain four patents in Italy and in Europe.

Hydraulic quick couplings for every equipment

Our hydraulic quick couplings represent the perfect solution to easily connect and disconnect the hydraulic system components, the hydraulic equipment, without disconnecting pipes and fittings, avoiding oil leaks.

Our hydraulic quick couplings are designed for several application fields: agriculture, earth moving machinery, from the heavy industry to steel industry up to the special hydraulic high-pressure equipment. We are capable of providing different types of quick couplings according to the application, with pressures that range from 200 to 1.000 bar and sizes from ¼” to 2”.

Thanks to our experience in the hydraulic world, we are able to design and supply specific solutions depending on the customer requirements; that has led us to file some patents also in the quick couplings world, such as the ball valve or hydraulic valves with integrated quick coupling.

High pressure ball valves
High pressure ball valves

Customized hydraulic valves

If you are looking for a specific hydraulic valve, our design technicians can draw the customized valve for your needs. Moreover, we handle the production of valves addressed to specific applications and resistant to the most critical conditions, customized on the client’s request.

In order to offer to our customers a package as much complete as possible, our catalogue includes a wide range of hydraulic valves for the fluid control and the regulation of different flows, among which:

  • overcenter, as well known as balancing valves, mostly used for the controlled descent and ascent of the load, and also the safe stop of the flow and of the load
  • pressure relief valves, used to limit the pressure of the hydraulic circuit at the calibration value and to protect the elements in the circuit from the pressure peaks
  • motion control valves, used to control the hydraulic cylinders movements
  • and last but not least, swivel joints, flow dividers, controlled or parachute valves, check valves and much more.