Hydraulic Swivel Joints

GEMELS has in its range HYDRAULIC SWIVEL JOINTS from 2WAY up to 20WAY for different application like drilling rigs, cranes, platforms and excavators.
We study internally custom solutions for OEM according to their specific application.

Highest reliability

Stator: C40 - aluminium; rotor: S355J2G3 - aluminium.

Working conditions

Mounting position: vertical;
Axial and radial loads: not allowed;
Max rotating speed: 12 rpm;
Max pressure: 420 bar;
Min/max ambient temperatures: -20°c / +60°c;
Max working temperature: 90°c;
Standard working range: -10°c ÷ 80°c;
Rotating/starting torque: according to the design model.


• Hydraulic oil - DOT 4 - H2O

Surface treatments

Rotor: phosphatizing with manganese - nickel plating ENP - hard oxidation;
Stator: hard chromium plating - nickel plating ENP - hard oxidation.

Sealing components

• Seals in buna N - Viton - EPDM - special Teflon rings.

Accessories (slip ring)

• Every model can be can be supplied with electrical swivel joint according to the requirements of the customers.