Synchronous electric motor

Gemels is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of valves, quick couplings and electric motors.
What is the main strength of our synchronous electric motor compared to the asynchronous? Let’s see it together.

Synchronous and Asynchronous electric motor

Reasons why to choose Gemels motors

Gemels synchronous electric motors range, entirely designed and produced in Italy, includes permanent-magnet AC motors, available in different models with powers from 2kW up to 100kW and a rotor speed which can reach 10.000 RPM. They are available with a supply voltage from 48V to 800V. Our electric solutions can be applied to different sectors, from heavy industry to agriculture, up to automotive and much more.
The synchronous electric motors can be designed for traction solutions, hydraulic power units (pumps interface) and with standard flanges (IEC/NEMA), air and liquid cooling, power cables with motor box or connected directly to coils.

Synchronous electric motor advantages

Do you know the difference between a synchronous electric motor and an asynchronous one?

In a synchronous electric motor, the rotation of the shaft and the frequency of the supply current are synchronized, avoiding rotor lacks. The asynchronous motor torque uses a lot of current to generate a magnetic field inside the rotor, which doesn’t happen with synchronous motor, allowing to save energy. Among the advantages of the synchronous electric motor, it offers very high starting torques even from 0 RPM and better efficiency and performance at higher power ratings, up to 97%.
These motors weight and size are reduced by 60% compared to the traditional asynchronous electric motor and they don’t need maintenance.
A motor like this one, allows a significant reduction of the energy consumption, contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact.

Electric solutions for the GREEN POWER industry

Thanks to the R&D department and to the company attention to the environmental themes, for some years we have been involved in the designing and production of synchronous electric motors.

Our synchronous electric motors for the Green Power industry can be used in several industrial sectors. With the aim of reducing the emissions, they are often used by the automotive industry and in the AGV and LGV sectors, in other words for the realization of the motors of small self-driving robots and lasers.

The synchronous electric motor is studied and applied in the agricultural sector, for the realization of dumper and heavy equipment, as well as for renewable energy systems, street sweepers and washers, heavy lifting equipment.

Synchronous electric motor

Here you can find some application examples of our electric motors