Hydraulic valves


Hydraulic valves and quick couplings

Since 1969 GEMELS has been designing and manufacturing ball valves and quick couplings suitable for every needs. All the hydraulic quick couplings and ball valves are studied to fit perfectly your equipment.
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Electric motors


Electric motors

GEMELS range of electric motors, designed and produced in Italy, includes AC motors with permanent magnet, available in different model with power from 2kW up to 100kW.
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Oil&Gas valves

Oil & Gas

Oil&Gas valves in carbon steel and stainless steel, duplex

We produce ball valves from ¼" up to 42”, according to the international regulations and to specifications of the biggest word players in downstream, midstream and upstream fields.
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Sede Gemels di Bergamo con produzione, magazzino, amministrazione

Italian Manufacturer since 1969

GEMELS, founded in 1969, is specialized in the designing and production of ball valves and quick couplings from ¼” up to 42”.

Our valves are mounted in different application and markets, from agriculture to automotive, marine, construction, lifting equipment and many others. These are fields where maximum precision and reliability are required. Our products, including high pressure ball valves, hydraulic valves, electric motors and quick couplings, perfectly meet the strict standards required by the market.

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50 % Female quota


With GEMELS, sustainability is a priority, the company always take care of ESG themes (Environmental Social Governance).

GEMELS considers its sustainable development a contribution to the development of the society, which is why a dedicated department called GCMS (Gemels Category Management Sostenible) has been introduced into the Company. GEMELS approves the basics of European Green Deal. An agreement that, among its points, does not only deal with the problems of climate change but themes also related to worker and support of the community, guaranteeing social protection and respect for human rights. Among the various aspects related to social issues, in Gemels an important emphasis is given to the topic of welfare together with: employee engagement, gender diversity, responsible and sustainable supply chain.

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